Reidar Hindrum

I’m a biologist, educated at the University of Trondheim in the 70s. My first job was at Tromsø Museum (associated with the University of Tromsø) where, starting in 1978, I coordinated an assessment of watercourses (e.g., rivers and streams) in northern Norway to protect against hydropower development. In 1983 I began working in Norwegian nature management, mainly at the agency in Trondheim that now is named the Norwegian Environment Agency. I also worked for three years (1991-1994) on Svalbard at the Governor’s office as an environmental officer. Beginning in 1996, I worked for one year at the Nordic Council of Ministers’ secretariat in Copenhagen to lead the start-up of the Nordic Arctic Program. Finally, starting in 2002, I worked for two years in Kathmandu leading a capacity-building project on environmental impact assessment for hydropower development.

My work has covered a broad span of environmental issues, among which I’ve been working a lot with the Arctic. I attended the first CAFF meeting in Ottawa in 1992 and the inauguration of the Arctic Council in Ottawa in 1996. CAFF has been part of my work for a long time, and I have co-led the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program (CBMP) marine component since it began in 2008.