Ministerial Watch Party, Museum Exhibits and Public Presentations

Thursday, May 11, 2017
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Anchorage Museum, 625 C St, Anchorage

Ministerial Watch Party, Museum Exhibits and Public Presentations

Thursday, May 11

Opening of art installations by Armando Marino (Exile) and KUO I-Chen (STUMaPIN)

Mapping Anchorage exhibit/project installation, featuring work with resilient neighborhoods and Lateral North of Scotland.

2-5pm     Watch Party – Livestream of Arctic Council Ministerial, auditorium at Anchorage Museum


Friday, May 12

12pm      Tour of Polar Bear Garden exhibition, Anchorage Museum


Saturday, May 13

All day: Anchorage Museum Arctic Arts/Crafts Expo and Arctic winter games

10am      Exhibition Tour of Polar Bear Garden, 3rd floor, Anchorage Museum

11am      Ivory and Tourism, 4th floor

11:30am Tour of the Arctic Studies Center, 2nd floor, Anchorage Museum

12pm      I AM INUIT: Discussion with

1pm        Livability and Resilience, Auditorium

  • Marek Ranis (Poland)

  • Armando Marino (Cuba)

  • KUO-I Chen (Taiwan)

  • Graham Hogg (Scotland)

  • Robert Templer (Europe/Syria)

2pm        Four Big Ideas for the Future of the Arctic – Auditorium

3pm        Resilience & Resistance – Auditorium

Moderated by Fran Ulmer

  • Robert Templer, one of the Chief Resilience officers from the Rockefeller Foundation 100 Cities program
  • Anchorage First Lady Mara Kimmel.

7pm        Periphery & Resilience – 4th floor

  • Marek Ranis (Poland)

  • Armando Marino (Cuba)

  • KUO-I Chen (Taiwan)

  • Graham Hogg (Scotland)

  • Robert Templer (Europe/Syria)


Sunday, May 14

All day: Anchorage Museum Arctic Arts/Crafts Expo and Arctic Winter Games

10am      Film Festival Workshop

11am      Northern Chefs and Local Foods

12pm      Tour of Polar Bear Garden exhibition at Anchorage Museum

1pm        Arctic-tecture and Design – to be confirmed

  • Roy Rountree, Bettisworth North

  • Larry Cash, Rim Architects

  • Tony Slaton-Barker, Coffman Engineers

2pm        Arctic DJ Dialogue

3pm        Tour of Arctic Studies Center/Living Our People