Innovate Arctic

Friday, May 12, 2017
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Anchorage Museum, 625 C St, Anchorage

Innovate Arctic builds on a long tradition of Alaskans and northern peoples finding solutions to challenges within the unique environment upon which they depend.  The day is built around TED style talks from high level speakers representing all eight Arctic nations, each of whom will bring their experience, vision and passion for the topic to Anchorage. Additionally, interactive exhibits featuring top Alaskan innovators will highlight newly developed products and processes. Topic-driven breakout sessions will engage the audience in lessons learned, best practices, challenges and potential opportunities, including cross-border cooperation and joint ventures. International and Alaskan speakers will lead discussions around innovation related to Arctic topics that include cold climate housing, northern agriculture, tourism, renewable energy, telecom, and education.  The purpose of this event is to inspire Arctic citizens to dream big, import and export thought-economy, and encourage collaboration across the Arctic. 

As part of Innovate Arctic, a series of presentations will describe the future of Alaska’s energy innovation ecosystem. Entrepreneurs, members of the military, utility operators, researchers and thought leaders will offer different perspectives on a shared vision of Alaska as a thriving innovation and entrepreneurial hub. From drones to climate change mitigation, and from electrical grids to cyber security, Alaska’s perspectives and experiences hold value that a growing entrepreneurial scene is beginning to capture. How does Alaska work with other arctic nations to bring down our cost of energy, improve our resilience, and grow exciting companies that solve some of the world’s biggest energy and climate problems? Come find out during Innovate Arctic on May 12th at the Anchorage Museum. 

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  • APU
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  • Launch Alaska
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Thursday, May 11, 2017

7:00 PM     Speakers Dinner – Anchorage Museum (closed)

Friday, May 12, 2017

8:00 AM     Coffee and networking, registration

9:00 AM      Welcome – Introduction to Northern Innovation

9:15 AM      Arctic Innovation: TED-style presentations featuring speakers from around the Arctic who have had success as it applies to key features of the region.




  • “Alaska’s Past Pioneer Spirit Is Alaska’s Future”
    • Bill Walker, State of Alaska (invited)

Innovation Development

  • “Demystifying Innovation”
    • Morten Brugard, Innovate Norway (confirmed)
  • “Alaska’s Innovation Ecosystem”
    • Ky Holland, Alaska Pacific University (confirmed)


  • “Iceland’s Path to Prosperity”
    •  Ragnheiður Elín Árnadóttir, Atlantic Council; former Minister, Industry and Innovation, Iceland (confirmed)
  • “How Teaching the Growth Mindset Grows Innovators”

Housing and Energy

  • “Growing Insulation from Fungi”
  • “Arctic Housing: Blending Tradition & Technology”
    • Jack Hebert, Cold Climate Housing Research Center (confirmed)
  • “How The Energy System of the Future is Being Pioneered in Alaska”
  • “Innovation Through Community”
    • Stephen Mooney (confirmed)


  • “Arctic Ready, Year Round Harvest”
    • Cameron Willingham, Vertical Harvest (confirmed)
  • “Mac & Cheese & Kelp? Experimental kelp farms for export”
    • Tamsen Peeples, Blue Evolution (invited)


  • “How A Fiber Optic Cable Could Forever Change Life in Arctic, Alaska”
    • Kristina Woolston, Quintillion (confirmed)
  • “Connectivity”




  • “How The Energy System of the Future is Being Pioneered in Alaska”
  • “How Alaska’s Approach to Innovation is Exportable”
  • “Energy Innovation and Defense”
    • Gary White, US Air Force Office of Energy Assurance
  • “Opportunities and Challenges for Alaska to Deploy Energy Technologies”
    • Dane Boysen, Cycolotron Road, Lawrence Berkely National Lab 
  • “Powering the Founders of our Energy Future”
  • “Fostering Partnerships Across the North”
    • Greg Poelzer, International Centre for Northern Governance and Development 
  • “Mission Driven Resilience”
  • “The Reality of Deploying Renewables in Alaska’
    • Meera Kohler, Alaska Village Electric Cooperatives, HVDC (invited)


12:30 PM    Lunch and Launch of Innovation Expo - Museum Atrium

Expo participants (25 up and coming Alaska innovative businesses):                               


2:00 PM      Workshops and World Café

  • Attendees will choose between engaging workshops problem-solving engagements for afternoon sessions that inspire, connect and create. 
  • Innovation Competition (Pitching From Scratch) – Classroom 2
  • Business Plan Competition – Classroom 2
  • Building Alaska’s Innovation Ecosystem – Theater
  • Energy Innovation As A Pathway to Value Creation – Theater
  • Launching a Global Business From The Arctic – Classroom 1
  • Robotics With 5th Graders – Workshop
  • Hydroponics 101 – Workshop

4:00 PM      Report and Concluding Remarks

  • Cocktail Reception


6:00 PM      VIP Dinner – 49th State Brewery – register separately