Aerospace Opportunities in Alaska & the Arctic​ - workshop

Thursday, May 11
9:00 am to 10:00 am
Open to registered attendees
Akasofu Building, West Ridge, UAF Campus
Dr. Robert McCoy​


Run in conjunction with the “Opportunities in the Arctic: Geophysical Research” worshop.

A panel of experts chaired by Bob McCoy, Director, Geophysical Institute, UAF

8:30am Coffee Social

9-10 a.m. Aerospace panel

10-11am Geophysical panel


This is an exciting time for aerospace development and experimentation in Alaska. Learn how you can partner and benefit from: two rocket ranges, a non-federal U.S. spaceport, the ability to downlink data from polar orbiting satellites, unmanned aircraft testing and experimentation, international experimentation in the upper atmosphere and ionosphere.*This panel will run immediately before the Opportunities in the Arctic: Geophysical Research session.