Week of
the Arctic

May 8–14, 2017

Celebrating the Arctic and a Successful US Chairmanship of the Arctic Council

The University of Alaska Fairbanks and the Alaska Arctic Council Host Committee Welcomed You

Recognizing the conclusion of the U.S. Chairmanship and celebrating Alaska as an Arctic State

We shared the reality of lives and livelihoods in Alaska with visiting international delegations and a broader domestic audience

We cultivated relationships that will last well into future chairmanships of the Arctic Council

We showcased a rich tapestry of challenge and opportunity, economic and community development

The Ministerial

The U.S. State Department will host a celebration in honor of the 20th Anniversary of the Arctic Council, as well as the Ministerial meeting attended by foreign ministers of the 8 Arctic states and heads of delegation from Permanent Participants and Observers.

(Closed to the public)

North by North

Events in Anchorage will focus on building public awareness and engaging northerners, framed around innovation, and include a business investment and technology conference, arts and crafts expo, sports and dance exhibition, and much more. Learn more

Arctic Interchange

Events in Fairbanks will feature the exchange of best practices, highlight cooperative networks, and provide a venue for showcasing Arctic Council Working Groups and projects. Learn more


Events in Fairbanks showcased Arctic Council Working Groups, and more. Anchorage events build public awareness and showcase innovation.

Thank You to Our Major Sponsors

These groups have generously provided monetary and/or in-kind support to make this event possible.